Words from people in control

A Calmer Mum

"I can't thank Paul enough for helping me with stress.

I have found the sessions brilliant and being able to use techniques in day-to-day life has helped so much.

It's the first time in years I feel like I can deal with things."


 Is anxiety controlling your life?

Do you feel at the end of your tether with depression?

Just need some decent sleep?

Great news! You are not stuck with it!

​Just imagine what it would feel like if you had eradicated some of your biggest fears.

How would your life be different? Would you have taken that dream holiday?

Would you go for that big promotion or new job?

Most of our clients see change in just a few sessions,

 never thinking they could overcome a lifetime of fear, anxiety or phobia.

Read our testimonials to find out what’s changed for them.

Control your today and change your tomorrow.


I'm Paul Wren and I came to therapy after a long career in and around IT. My days back then were spent crawling around under desks, following cables and solving IT problems, but it didn’t make me happy. I was overweight and unhealthy too, but when I lost the weight (three stone), I also lost a variety of issues too including fatigue and a general feeling of being down.  What I gained was more energy, interest and vitality for life and this is when I turned my attention in a new direction, qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist.

People around me were asking how I’d done it and could I help them too, so all of a sudden a new career was being carved out for me. 
Having been introduced to the Control System, I went on to study and qualify as a Control Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotist.

I took the plunge, setting up my now thriving practice within the Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic having walked away from the IT career. With support from my wife and two children I’ve not looked back!

I’ll never forget the huge pride I felt for both myself and my first client when they sent me a photo, smiling away at the top of the London Eye…they’d previously been petrified of heights but there they were, enjoying life not being held back by a fear any longer.

And I knew how they felt – I’d gradually overcome a lifetime dog phobia. My days now start and end with a dog walk – my phobia is so overcome that we’ve got a family dog!

I’ve found that rare thing – a job I love and a sense of achievement and purpose, plus an understanding of being in their shoes; desperately wanting change but not knowing how to do it.  

When a client leaves without their fear, or their anxiety under control or whatever change they wanted in place, you will often see me driving home with a smile of my face because I’m so pleased for them.  

None of us were born with anxiety, fears, phobias or low self-esteem, and we are certainly not stuck with them.

Control your today and change your tomorrow.

Paul Wren Control and Change anxiety hypnotheraphy medway hypnosis chatham gillingham rainham
Paul Wren Control and Change anxiety hypnotheraphy medway hypnosis chatham gillingham rainham

What Do Others Say?

"If you are struggling with grief (or depression) and are in need of some help, I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.  He really has helped me in ways beyond what I thought possible and I couldn’t be more grateful."

A client without grief