I am often asked: 'Can you treat this, do you work with that, can I change this?'

If you have thoughts, feelings or actions that you do not want, would like to change or improve, then the answer is always the same:

 'Yes, I can help you'.

Some of the most common problems I come across are explained a bit more below.

Grief, loss and flashbacks

Grief can cause regrets, guilt or doubts over past actions and events. Clients come to me asking themselves questions like: ‘What if?’, ‘why didn't I?’ and ‘could I have?’.
They are trying to solve the puzzle without all of the pieces with no way to turn back the clock.
Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is not about forgetting them or how much you felt for that person. It is about being able to remember the good times without them being tainted by sadness over the loss.
When you get control of the feelings of loss you get to remember the loved one freely, fondly and without the pain or flashbacks.
Let them fill your mind, warm your heart, and make you remember with a smile and not a tear.

Anxiety, stress or low self-esteem

We are not born with anxiety, depression or stress. We are certainly not stuck with them either. You can make quick changes in the way you think, feel or behave.


Anxiety is a natural emotion that we are meant to have. It is often our natural alarm system, alerting or reminding us of an event or action that is required.  When the events or actions have passed, so should the anxiety. If it stays high, increases or begins to cause panic attacks and worry, you need to take back control - and you can.


Anxiety is often mistaken for stress and low self-esteem or vice versa.  Many of my clients have all three. When we get control and breathe for a moment, the emotions can calm and changes can then take place.


You can take control so that you don't need to avoid situations, can breathe and aren't just watching life pass by.


Control your today, change your tomorrow.

Insomnia and other sleep issues

When we suffer from insomnia, one of the most common experiences is of frustration and anger.  Thoughts and feelings rattle through our heads. “I can't sleep. I want to sleep. Why am I awake? When will I sleep? If I don’t sleep now I won’t cope tomorrow! How many hours will I get now? Is that the time? Should I have a drink? Why did I have that drink?! Am I too hot? Am I too cold……?”


What are we doing? Arguing with ourselves or beating ourselves up. Flooding our bodies with more stress hormones and driving our partners mad tossing and turning in bed.  More importantly we are driving ourselves mad.


When we take the pressure off of ourselves, quieten the noise and relax, we allow our bodies to do what they do best and we often find ourselves drifting off to sleep … and then we are awake again!  Whether it is trips to the toilet, dreams, nightmares or those sudden moments of clarity for a work problem, the same rule applies: “Not until the morning!” We need a restful, relaxing and recharging sleep to be our best when it is time to get up.

Fear of flying, dying and trying

Finally travel to those faraway places.

Stop worrying about health issues you haven't got.

Get that confidence soaring.


Careful is one thing, but 100% fear is only for bear attacks and natural disasters - which most of us don't face in our day-to-day lives.


Control and change your nerves, thoughts and expectations for tests, exams, interviews, and appraisals.


We often hear people say 'change is scary', but here is something much scarier...what if things never change?!


Just because thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns have been around for a long time, doesn't mean we're stuck with them.  Just imagine what it would feel like if you had eradicated some of your biggest fears. How would your life be different?


You get control and change.

Weight loss, exercise and performance

What if you could stop the pattern of thought that leads you to the biscuit tin, chocolate or crisps?  What patterns of thought are keeping you away from the gym or walking the dog?

Some clients have chronic symptoms such as migraines, IBS or low energy levels that can be changed with omitting or including foods.  

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, but most people that come to me do not need a new nutritional plan, diet sheet or exercise routine.  The thing they need is a change in their mind set.

When you take back subconscious control of your mind, you can make conscious choices for your physical and mental health. With no limiting beliefs to stop you achieving your personal best or next goal in your weight loss you will wonder why you waited so long!


Control your today, Change your tomorrow.

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