One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: “is the change permanent?”


I always respond with the Flat Earth story.


In the past, sailors used to believe the Earth was flat and they would have great fear of sailing into uncharted waters, in case they just fell off the Earth. Then they discovered it was round and if they kept going they would eventually just end up where they started. As a result of this they no longer felt any fear of falling off the Earth. This fear didn’t grow back, because this knowledge didn’t wear off. 


The change you have experienced is based on a new understanding of yourself and your responses. That knowledge will never wear off. That is why this change is permanent. However, sometimes life happens!


Take an example of someone who has given up smoking. They have experienced a particular stressful or traumatic event and suddenly the crew are a little rattled. They simply want to help the captain but do not have a solution for this new situation, so they call upon their previous experience. A quick borrowed cigarette, a moment of distraction and before long they are smoking again.


Look at another example where a relative or friend has sadly passed away and there are a lot of emotions and possibly some guilt or “what if” questions? The captain is anxious and upset and needs help. Again the crew are shaken and do not have a strategy for this. They decide to use anxiety and panic attacks to watch for all dangers in a state of fight or flight.


Finally there could be a scenario where an upcoming exam, driving test or interview needs to be prepared for. There is so much to remember and plan for that the crew are processing away night after night. They are helping the captain in the best way they know how, but it is playing havoc with your sleep.


Life is always changing, evolving and moving forward

A quick glance into the email inbox and there is an insight made to measure for your crew members. A quick post into Facebook for instant feedback or to share an experience. Maybe you just need to hear a friendly voice and a timely reminder about your perfect place. All of this is on hand along with the benefit to book another session, or make a call and change it quickly. Help is on hand to give the crew new ideas and techniques for this new situation. Suddenly the smoker has stopped again, the anxiety has been controlled and there are celebrations for a successful exam, driving test or interview.


The Control and Change Follow-up Support Service was created for the examples above and many more. 


Key features:

  • Regular emails with Control & Change hints, tips, insights for your crew, inspiration and motivation

  • Preferential rates and early bird offers on new services and workshops

  • Telephone support

  • Up to two, face to face sessions (of 1 hour’s duration) per year

  • An invitation to a Private Facebook group strictly for members using the service


There is no fuss when you have the C&C FUSS!

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