A bit more info before you reach out?

  • A quick glance into the email inbox and there is an insight made to measure for you and your crew member. Sometimes all it takes is a different sense of perspective, some inspiration or motivation. Remember, you and your crew are used to me talking to them, now you have that at hand to read, "in the moment" when you need it.

  • Book up to two sessions face to face sessions in the year. Make a call, book it in and change it quickly. Help is on hand to give the crew new ideas and techniques for this new situation.

  • Would you like to hear a friendly voice and a timely reminder about your perfect place? Maybe it is just an extra ear to talk to and someone who can help you get your crew to steady ship quickly and enjoy the rest of your journey.

  • Most of us know the power of Facebook. The ability to build us up, drag us down, share the news, and feel good or bad. What if we had a group of people who have worked with their own crew to make a change? They have actually been there, seen it, done it. Quick feedback and sharing experiences (with group members) in a safe group strictly for members using this service.

        If this is for you there are two options.

        Monthly payments of £18.95 by direct debit on the first of each month,

        or for a £30.40 discount, one payment of £197 by direct debit for a year.

        Life is always changing, evolving and moving forward.  Now I can be with you every step of the way.

        There is no fuss when you have the C&C FUSS!