"....but then again, anything is possible".

In these strange and uncertain times, I thought I would share this short story from a fellow parent, school run survivor and previous client. Inspirational, emotional and up-lifting.

Lizzie is a parent of three, married, running the house, looking after a terminally ill relative abroad and at full stretch on the hamster wheel of life and school runs.

When we first spoke on the phone there were tears, laughter and some glimmers of hope. During the free session there were a few more tears, a lot more laughs and a growing excitement for change.

Over the next few weeks it was a joy to see Lizzie and help her with her journey. Sometimes we have a destination in mind, start the process and end up somewhere unexpected. This was the case with Lizzie. The results were there, quick and amazing, but the revelation was the change to the finish line.

“Wake up and get dressed while trying to wake up kids who don't want to get up for school. They finally come downstairs where you have prepared breakfast that nobody wants to eat.

Time to get the kids dressed who are running around the house without a care in the world and you are now playing beat the clock. Brain goes into overdrive trying to remember the forms you've filled in, water bottles, snacks, spelling books, homework etc. You finally think you're ready to leave when someone remembers it's show and tell today!

After you drop them off there is a very brief sigh of relief till it dawns on you.... Now starts the rest of the day. Washing, tidying, cleaning, cooking sorting, again playing beat the clock and you suddenly find yourself staring at a supermarket shelf not knowing why you are there or what you came in for??

Luckily I realised things had to CHANGE. I needed to take CONTROL.

So I sought professional help.

I learnt to prioritise and put me first (sometimes).

I went for that interview. I got that new job!

Not only have I managed to deal with the day to day running of things around the house, I have also managed to fit all this in around working Monday to Friday.

Sometimes you just need a little bit of help to see things from a different perspective. There will always be days when the stress gets too much. You just need to find your coping strategies. Then anything is possible”.

Lizzie’s story has inspired so many more clients approaching their own changes in life and work. She continues to make me laugh with her energy, sense of humour and determination (smile or grimace, to make that school gate!).

As she says, "sometimes the stress can get too much, but then again, anything is possible".

I realised things had to CHANGE. I needed to take CONTROL.


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