Christmas – not the most wonderful time of the year?

Not everyone likes or wants to get into the Christmas spirit and not because they’re mean, or boring or being a scrooge.

For some people, this time of year can be awful – especially if something traumatic happened that they now link to Christmas.

Maybe there was a death in the family, they were involved in a big car accident, their house burned down, or they had something upsetting happen in the family or to them. Santa’s Grottos, Christmas music, films, holly, red ribbon, baubles – anything can be a trigger to a bad memory or experience which is remembered every year.

People usually carry on and put a brave face on it, while the fears, anxieties and worries are most likely getting steadily worse every year. The good news is that you don’t have to; you can face them in a non-scary and positive way to overcome them.

The Control System I use for my therapy applies to any thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you want to change. You can regain control and make the change you would like.

Our sessions can help you to enjoy Christmas rather than be terrorised by past events, or reminded about something that upsets you.

We can change your thought patterns so you are able to let go of the emotion and change things for the future so that you associate fun and happiness with Christmas rather than fear, anxiety and stress.

"I had been dreading the Christmas period but began to feel excited again. I had been unable to listen to certain music because of the memories it invoked and yet immediately after the session, a song that would have had me rushing to turn off the radio previously, now made me smile."

It’s never too late to come and see me for a free consultation to be in with the chance of enjoying your first Christmas for a long time.

Control your today, book in and we’ll change your next Christmas.


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