Dry January is Back!

Dry January is back! Run by the charity Alcohol Change UK and proven to double your chances of an entire alcohol free month. Millions of people get involved every year many go on to make it months or years.

At the very least, you will save money, sleep better, improve your skin, possibly lower your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and much more.

Is it cutting down or cutting out? I am often asked about both and sometimes the first often leads to the second. Whichever is chosen, it is a personal choice.

I always ask, is it a case of….. “I need a drink!” OR “I would like / love a drink”. Are you drinking to be happy or already happy and drinking to be happier?

Alcohol can be a bit like a crutch, leaned upon when we feel a bit wobbly. Others may use cigarettes, chocolate, drugs, etc. Our mind knows it has worked before, so it craves it until we use it to support us.

When that part of the mind realises we don’t need a crutch, we can walk, even run without it….it will happily discard it. Let’s get back in control and get rid of the crutch. It is slowing you down and holding you back.

One client had not had a “dry” week for 10 years. He chose to cut down, but after the first session decided to cut out completely and now he has been without alcohol for 11 months!

Another client found herself reaching for one glass of wine after the stress of work, which in turn increased to 2 or 3. Now she is happier with a relaxing cup of tea after work, but still enjoys a social glass with friends when she wants.

Helpful tips:

  • Always look at it as not losing / quitting / being without a drink. You are gaining freedom, health, money, focus and control to make a change / choice.

  • Think of a hobby, interest or something in your life that will improve without drink (being fitter, more energy to play with the kids, etc). Something new?

  • In social settings, especially where it is expected for you to drink, using an excuse like being on medication that cannot mix with alcohol can take the pressure off at first.

  • Try a move to alcohol free wine, beer etc. They have come a long way now.

  • Always remember, true friends and family care about you and will support you by not mentioning it in front of others, or joining you in an alternative.

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Straight from the “horses” mouth - Charles left these kind words:

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul for the new lease of life he has given me.

This year has been very challenging for us all and I'm sure if we are all honest, some of us have had some issues with addiction.

The stress of this year and lack of routine caused by lockdown had placed me in a bit of a dark corner with alcohol. Drinking four nights through the week and binging on food. I had had enough and needed a change. This led me to Paul for help. Very much a sceptic in Pauls professional field before hand and how wrong I was. I’m over the moon that I gave it a go and its been by far my best purchase through networking. Through talking to my subconscious mind Paul has helped me kick a habit and get on with life before things got drastically out of control.

I have never felt this free. I would like to say to others don’t be scared to put up your hand for help”.

If you need some help to cut down or cut out drink, or are affected by another addiction, or even not sure where to start….please check the links below or get in touch.

Client Reviews: https://www.controlandchange.co.uk/reviews

More Blogs: https://www.controlandchange.co.uk/blog


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