Festival of Sleep Day

Festival of Sleep Day - 3rd January 2022

Sleep is natural right? We go to bed as usual, drop off quickly and enjoy a refreshing nights sleep ready for the next day. So why do we need a special Sleep Day and how will it help us you may ask?

During the Christmas and New Year festivities, we may well have had lots of late nights, ate and drunk too much, slept through a few films and feel a little burnt out.

For those lucky enough to have a whole period off of work it often is the case where the body clock shifts. We go to bed later and wake later. Not an issue for the 1-2 weeks of planning and celebrations, but with the working week around the corner, we need to shift it back.

This day is a reminder of the importance of sleep and how it can really help our mood, energy and ability to get back to a normal working life after the fun has stopped.

One of the most important questions I ask during my consultations is “How is your sleep?”. Why? When we are refreshed and rested we can face the daily challenges, and the unexpected ones, quite easily. After all, we have done this for long time. Tired and worn out, anxiety can creep in when we are faced with the unexpected or a heavy workload.

In fact, anxiety can cause our sleep to alter, and in turn, poor quality or reduced sleep causes anxiety to spiral. It doesn’t stop there…..

There was a sleep study with 3 groups all doing a number of tasks with their performance, mood and accuracy recorded.

The first group had 8 hours sleep, the second 4 hours and third 6 hours, then repeated the work. The first group felt fine, were accurate and performed well. The second group were grumpy, inaccurate and performed badly. Surprisingly, group three felt OK but made the same mistakes and performed just as badly as those with 4 hours sleep!

So, how do you think you will sleep tonight if you had some new clients, customers or contracts? What will your morning be like after a restful, relaxing and recharging sleep, safe in the knowledge you are working at your best for the success of your business and family?

If you need some help dropping off, staying asleep or waking with more energy, less anxiety and a new focus for the year, please get in touch.

Still unsure? See what Graham said:

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your help with my insomnia. Having spent the last few years waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep was taking its toll. You took the time to listen to me, find out what was going on in my life and what was causing my anxiety.

You then explained clearly about what the treatment entailed, how it would work, and how your sub conscious controls and affects what we do in our everyday lives – from childhood to adult hood. I was amazed at how you could get someone to relax and talk to their subconscious. Now I can sleep and get on with my life! Thank you for your help and support”.

15 Sleep tips:


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