I don't do public speaking!

I hear this said in many business circles, often by people I’d never think would have a problem with standing up and speaking in front of a crowd.

Public speaking terrifies some people – they just can’t and won’t face it. They get anxious, hot, cold, sweaty, can’t get their words out and worry what people will think of them.

Is it because they had a bad experience or is it because they fear the first time going wrong? People who say they don’t do it, or don’t like public speaking, often haven’t actually done it! Their subconscious is keeping them safe from it, by telling them it’s something they don’t do. If they don’t do it, then they’ll always be safe and happy, so our friendly subconscious is doing a great job.

But…you can teach the subconscious that public speaking is OK, when you realise that nothing bad will happen if you do it. You’ll still be alive after! It may not be the most comfortable thing to do, but you’ll survive.

Once you’ve done it once, you’ve taken control and changed. Many clients I see go on to do very big public speaking events, having come to me totally scared about standing up at a networking meeting and introducing themselves!

If this kind of fear is holding you back in your career or business, I can help you to take control and change.

Book in for a free consultation – everyone leaves with a rapid calming technique which puts control in your own hands and starts the change process.


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