January is National walk your Dog month

In this pandemic there is one thing we can all catch, spread and benefit from….a smile! 😁 Where best to start, with this smiling little chap. Just imagine what he is thinking. 🤔

Did you notice during the lockdowns how many people were out walking theirs dogs? It was like a national pastime. It wasn’t just mum or dad either, but the kids too. Sometimes the whole household, friends and other family joined in (where restrictions allowed). People talked, walked and had fun. Exercise, fresh air and a feel good factor.

After lockdowns ended, people started to return to their busy lives and walks had fewer people in them. There were less dogs out there and on shorter walks.

A study showed that many dogs slip into obesity, especially during winter, without us realising. A cold wet January may not seem the right time, but for the four legged friend it is a great place to start. This benefits you as well as your pooch. It can help if you are taking part in dry January, are struggling with your mood or would like to lose some weight.

So in this new month and new year….let’s start again!

One client was happy to take the little furry one a couple of hundred yards “around the block” but it was a highlight of their day. One client found it was the answer to her agoraphobia. Another client walked (without his four legged ball of fluff) 30 miles!

Let’s get control and start moving forwards, feeling great and put a smile on the woofer’s face as well as yours.

Helpful tips:

  • Factor it into your day and your diary. Look forward to it.

  • Leave your phone at home or put it on DND. A moment to truly “be” whilst strolling.

  • Try a mindfulness challenge. Look up, use your senses and notice things you would normally miss. See, hear, touch, smell (fresh bread in the morning!), taste (the kids loved this one trying to catch rain drops or snowflakes).

  • Imagine what your dog is thinking. Even have fun making up some lines for them. I’m sure our dog is reading her “wee-mails” and leaving replies!

  • Vary your routes and pace. Set a timer or distance recorder, or challenge a friend.

  • Don’t be afraid to say hello or good morning/evening, especially to other dog walkers. I tried this one afternoon and was surprised at how many people looked genuinely happy to be able to share a nod or a few words.

  • A smile costs nothing and is infectious. During these strange times this is one thing we can all catch, spread and benefit from.

  • It can also be a great time to clear the mind to plan the day, work or a holiday! Some of my best chats with the children or my wife have come without the distraction of devices, TV or home.

If you are affected by a lack of enthusiasm, low mood, etc or would like some more information about Control and Change, please check the links below or get in touch.

Client Reviews: https://www.controlandchange.co.uk/reviews

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