Make someones day and reduce your stress and anxiety all in one go!

“Some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal” - Harper Lee.

Make someones day and reduce your stress and anxiety all in one go!

Join in with National Send a Card to a Friend Day.

Studies show that writing by hand can reduce stress levels, relieve anxiety and create a state of calm. It is great for mindfulness because it is not as easy to hit the delete key and start again. We have to physically stop, mentally slow down and think. We have to be here in the present!

Now we are present in the moment, we begin to reflect on relationships, holidays etc. Whatever we include in the writing will be truly ourself and therefore valued by the recipient.

Take time to think back to a moment when you had a letter or card to open…. The mystery of who wrote it, why and what would be in it! The feeling of being important, loved, respected, excited and cared for. Your mood was enhanced, confidence boosted and a there was a little ray of joy.

We don’t have to wait for a birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day. Take a leaf from the ancient Chinese and Egyptians book, not Hallmarks, and pop a card in the post to a friend.

Two birds with one card. Make their day AND yours.

Reasons to pick up the pen:

  • You get to share a memory of something fun.

  • It can strengthen a friendship.

  • It can make both of you feel happier.

  • A great time to thank someone personally.

  • Sharpen your writing skills and focus the mind.

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