Low Self Esteem - Is it just me?

The director yells “Cut!” and another film rush is in the bag. Or is it?

How many times do you wish you could wind back time and redo that meeting or date? “If I had that time again I would do it differently” or “I wish I hadn’t said that!”

You replay the scene in your mind with new lines or actions and it looks and sounds great. The only problem is that you're not in Hollywood, you're in the real world and your mind and life are much more complex. You can change one thing though...

Just imagine for a moment that your life so far is a movie. You can see all of the good stuff you have done or said, all of those Oscar winning moments. You can also see all of the bad stuff, those outtakes and bits you want to edit!

Now imagine everyone else has their own movie, with their good and bad parts.

When you meet, what do you both see and share? All of the good award winning stuff...

But you walk away comparing their good stuff against your entire movie (including those scenes you want to cut).

This leads to low self-esteem and negative self-worth. Who is on the higher pedestal? Who is going to get the lead part?

Do you want to know a secret? They are doing the same! We all tend to be our harshest critics. We don't give ourselves the awards and credit where it's due.

You need to stop judging yourself against others and have fun with the rest of the film. The one thing all of us have more of than Hollywood is.….time. You're not limited to the two hour film, yours can last a lifetime and you control the script. Your character list can be huge and if you don’t want or need the bad guy/girl in the film it is ok to fire them!

Be the director, actor/actress, producer and promoter. Write a sequel or two, change the location, and improve the cast. Will it be filled with more comedy, some romance or a new destination?


The end?

Or a new beginning?

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