National Bubble Bath Day

No one really knows where this day originated but it has been observed for many years. After the Christmas and New Year festivities, still in the heart of the chilly months, why not take part?

I often find people break into two groups, shower and bath people. When I was younger it was all baths and when I was older, especially a rushed parent, all showers. Isn’t it funny how we do the same with our kids. Ours were always in the tub having a splash, until old enough for a quick shower.

I see the this day more about taking time out for yourself. Chill out in the bath and relax. Allow yourself to clear the mind, rest the body and just enjoy the quiet for a while. Obviously some people don’t have a bath or really prefer a shower. If this is the case just take a moment to stand under the flowing water and let the stress and strain go down the drain. You can also increase the temp a little at a time to really feel good (or for those hardy types, slowly decrease it!).

Benefits can include reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, opening the pores and cleansing the skin, soothing aching muscles, helping circulation and even burning calories.

Why the bubbles? It started with encouraging children to enjoy a bath, the bubbles help clean the skin, they can reduce the soap scum line and even keep the water warm. Does anyone remember Matey Bubble Bath? It was founded in 1958….and still produced today!!

There is often a debate on whether it should be morning, night, or both….

Morning people love to feel refreshed for the day and night time people all relaxed before bed. Just go with what works for you. The most important thing here is to enjoy it on this day, but then take it forward….

…..on the topic of a bath/shower before bed, this can lead to the discussion on relaxing you for sleep or being too refreshed to sleep. Sleep is a natural process regardless of a bath/shower, so if you are struggling with sleep please see……

15 Sleep tips, Festival of Sleep article, clients review and much more:

Some bath tips

  • Which brand you use is up to you. Just watch out for sensitive skin types and go with what works for you. My brother in law loves anything Radox while we used to use Halo and Horns or Burts Bees for the kids when they had eczema flare ups.

  • Low light or candles can be a great stress reliever. Please remember to take the usual caution with candles and electrics!

  • Music can be a great mood enhancer too. There are even special bluetooth speakers for the bath/shower! (Also cheaper than a drowning mobile phone).

  • For those taking an extended relax in the tub, use a rolled up towel to support your neck or even a neck pillow.

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