So here we are. A new day, year and decade. A new you? The same you, with a different mindset?

I’m not going to bash resolutions or big them up. I like to call them intentions. A little spark of imagination for the future. Write them down, stick them on the wall or fridge and go for a cuppa.....

If your subconscious mind really wants that change it will mull it over, gnaw at it like a dog with a bone and you will get a tonne of reasons why you can or can’t do it.

Do you know what? Either way, you are right!

This is the beginning of a journey. Some will be easy, some will be hard but if it’s something you WANT, it will be worth it. You are the best project you will ever work on.

You don’t have to know the ‘how’ yet, but the important question is the ‘why’.

If you feel pressured by someone else, social media or to fit in and be liked... it might not be the best idea.... or at least something else will need to be changed first.

If it is really for you, realise one thing. Change is possible.

“I went from climbing trees and jumping over car bonnets in a bid to escape dogs (during my 30 year fear and phobia)....to having the last year wrestling and cuddling up with a puppy!”

Always remember these two things when considering a change:

1 - Your comfort zone is always growing. At one time or another, first day at school, riding your bike, driving lessons, first date or kiss, a new job....they were unknown and uncomfortable. You learnt, you enjoyed and the became comfortable.

2 - You didn't take off the bike stabilisers and ride perfectly without a wobble or a fall. You didn't jump in the car without stalling it or making the instructor nervous! It takes some small steps and time. Break it down into bite size bits and be gentle on yourself.

You will see lots of 10 year posts and pictures and some celebrations and commiserations for the passing of 2019. Good, bad and in between...that’s behind you.

Face forwards, take your time and shape your 2020 the way you want it.

" Paul has helped me tackle my fear of getting on trains - I now commute to London for work every day, before seeing him I used to get the train maybe once a year and would fret about it for weeks beforehand. I never thought I would be able to work in the city and be a commuter! " - Eloise - more in the links below.

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