Singles Awareness Day

A day after Valentines, Singles Awareness Day falls upon us and I remember all those valentines days being single.

Some were awful, some were great. Some married, some divorced, some up, some down. Looking back, both were ok.

Looking at the Valentines post from yesterday, it shows that someone cares, somewhere, all of the time. The most important person to care, to love, is yourself.

When we value ourselves and what’s important to us, we can be happy regardless of our relationship status, TV adverts, social media posts or comparing to friends and family.

This year my wife was working, the kids were asleep so it was me and the dog, with a film and choc (even the four legged friend fell asleep).

Remember to be you, be kind and ditch the judging, comparing cards, flowers or meals.

It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, or what you do today, love yourself and do what makes you smile and laugh.

If this seems too hard to do, if things need to change, let’s chat:

#SinglesAwarenessDay #kindness #YouAreWorthIt


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