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At the beginning of the year I ran a serious of Facebook posts for helping with insomnia and other sleep issues, including your quality of sleep and nightmares or night terrors.

Most of my sleep related clients have responded very well to my treatment and are still doing so. However, I have been working with a lady (we will call her Linda), suffering from insomnia and very interrupted sleep patterns. During the treatment Linda had two nights of great sleep and then returned to the original pattern.

Towards the end of the treatment Linda returned and mentioned that the last three nights have been amazing. Yes! Cracked it! ……. or had I? Linda had missed her entire evening array of medications by accident and slept like a baby. When she deliberately repeated this the next two nights, the same thing happened.

Disclaimer and Warning:

I never…..ever….advise anyone to stop taking their medication, or change the dosage and times it has to be taken. I am not medically qualified to do so. Whoever put you on them in the first place is the person to return to.

However, when you are pre-warned you are pre-armed. Medications are usually reviewed on a regular basis and you can request them to be checked, adjusted or changed depending on expert advice.

Upon further investigations, reading and seeking out reviews, it was discovered that there are numerous references to prescription drugs causing insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns.

In particular some statins, diabetic and blood pressure medications have been known to cause or effect sleep problems.

When we have covered some mindset changes, the practical and obvious issues, which can affect your sleep, maybe the medications should be reviewed? Obviously I am more than happy to see you to discuss various causes and options.

I have included a link to a free sleep guide, with handy tips, and the link to my Facebook page with more useful information.

Sleep Guide and Tips

Control & Change on Facebook

If you are still not sleeping, the next step could be a free consultation at Control & Change. Please click here to arrange.

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