So why does anxiety feel so physical?

I had a client who had been to A&E twice with chest pain, short of breath and freaking out. They did a ECG, declared him all ok and sent him home.

I had another who called me saying she was going to go to A&E as he was dying. Chest pain, breathing hard and knocking back a large wine to calm down. One FaceTime session avoided A&E, more later….

A great client of mine was physically sick every morning before work (Monday to Friday), wracked with bad thoughts and worry, for 10 years.

All cases….anxiety induced panic attack!

How can it be such a visceral thing? It must be a disorder, a disease, something we are stuck with forever? The pain is real right?


This blog follows on from the last one but essentially it is a natural emotion and emotions make us feel. If we don’t feel it physically, we won’t act on it.

When we are afraid of something, our subconscious mind will use a faster heart beat, cold sweat, etc to make sure our conscious mind takes action.

With anxiety our mind is saying "this thing is the most important thing, more important than anything else. Focus here". Its function is to steer us where we need to go.

When we try to ignore our anxiety it will get worse because it isn't being heard. If we play into every detail of the feelings and symptoms it will magnify or take on more ways to get our attention. When do we hear the most? In the middle of a stormy sea or on calm waters? We need to be still and listen. What is it trying to do or tell us?

I had some anxiety a few months ago. I was too busy with clients to deal with it then, so I shut it out, each time saying I will listen later (after all, it's my job and I'm good at it right?...). Well it worked...for a while... then it gave me a massive bout of anxiousness. I dropped the kids to school, sat in the car, nearly cried and then I listened. Overwhelm had kicked in a big way. As soon as I was quiet, listening and not distracted, I rearranged my calendar, booked time for me, and.....the anxiety had gone.

The three cases above? All completed in under three sessions each.

The first one is back to working out at the gym, the second is in control of her business again (without the wine) and the third is not sick anymore (and enjoys a breakfast bagel). They are in control or their anxiety and it is now a helpful tool again.

Don't accept it and give up. You were not born with it and you are not stuck with it.

Take back control today and change your tomorrow.

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