Three letters to change someone's life?

Just a three letter change to improve the day or even someone's life? #bluemonday to #brewmonday

#BlueMonday Allegedly the day where people seem to struggle most. A long time after payday, bad weather, anti-climax after Christmas, New Year’s resolutions failing and bills arriving…but there is no hard evidence to prove it.

Does the sun come up because the cockerel crows? Of course not. A travel company first mentioned Blue Monday (funny enough?!) so they could cheer us up with a holiday. 😉

We could feel low after a summer holiday, birthday, valentines…where does it end?…….. When we decide it does!

Mental health doesn’t care what day it is. I prefer the Samaritans idea of #BrewMonday ☕️

Check if friends, colleagues, family and neighbours are ok. Put the kettle on, take five and chat. It may help them or you. Let’s change this so our kids never hear of #BlueMonday only #BrewMonday

With all of these crisp dry days, maybe take part in #NationalWalkYourDogMonth and finish off with a cozy hot chocolate with friends or family? Compare notes on #DryJanuary?

There is only one person you can be….you.

So let’s choose not to be blue and have a brew!

If you are struggling to change Blue to Brew, pop on a free call:

#itsoknottobeok #timetotalk #mentalhealthawareness #lonelines


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