Who is Paul Wren?

From an early age Paul has enjoyed working and supporting people. Starting in sales, working in the NHS, the legal and financial world in the city, and IT support for doctors and pharmacies all had a similar theme. How could he help someone?

Two life defining moments led to qualifying as a Mind Coach, Remedial Hypnotist, Control Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapist. When Paul’s first client, who was terrified of heights, sent him smiling proof from the top of the London Eye, he was on a new path but the same destination, helping people!

Using his new knowledge, mixed with parental experience, a calming sense of humour and that same desire to help, his practice grew to include three sites across medway with people coming from neighbouring counties and across Kent. With that came a sense of achievement and purpose, plus an understanding of being in their shoes; desperately wanting change but not knowing how to do it.

The Covid-19 pandemic introduced new challenges and new opportunities amongst the fear and loss around the globe. Online sessions were expanded and increased, clients were now coming from across the whole of the UK and overseas!

Paul also has qualifications and experience in first aid at work and for paediatrics, mindfulness, grief and counselling. He often appears at networking events, awareness days, corporate wellness retreats, delivering workshops and popping up on local radio.

What was one of Paul’s biggest personal Control moments? Removing an extreme 30 year fear and phobia of dogs! His very happy wife, two young daughters and a little puppy join him on relaxing walks and play fights.

Early 2022 brought the devastating loss of his dear Mum, closely followed by a 20 year long friend, and personal hurdles for Paul and his family. Like the previous life moments that led to huge changes, an epiphany and unsatiated desire to reach more people, was born.

The first online and at home course was created. Whilst this one centred around sleep, more are in the pipeline for anxiety, depression, fear and phobias, confidence and self esteem and many more.

None of us were born with anxiety, fears, phobias or low self-esteem, and we are certainly not stuck with them. Taking Control and making the Change to find that sense of achievement, purpose, give up smoking or lose weight can be life changing. Most people find it hard to choose which thing to change….Paul likes to ask, “why change only one?”

Control your today and Change your tomorrow.


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