World Hypnotism Day

As funny as it may be to see someone barking like a chicken or clucking like a dog 😊 it won’t help them with their anxiety, depression, stress or stop them from smoking.

The first thing I often hear is “don’t look into his eyes!”…. Like I can control their mind and make them do whatever I want.

This is largely down to stage acts, TV programmes and Films. Unfortunately for hypnotists it has led to misconceptions, distrust and fear of losing control.

Therapeutic hypnosis is all about positive change, confidence and empowerment.

World Hypnotism Day has been celebrated on the 4th January since 2006 as an opportunity to spread awareness, remove myths, misconceptions and promote the truth and benefits.

I use the Control System which utilises your subconscious without the need for trance based hypnosis. It is a direct, positive and successful method of creating rapid and permanent changes to the way you think, feel and behave.

Andy will tell you more:

“Before I met Paul, I was a total sceptic about changing your thoughts and behaviour. A 10-year history of bad sleep with bad things waking me up, I’d start coughing then be sick every morning. After one 90-minute session the sickness had stopped and I was sleeping through the night. He’s changed my life!”

Tips to guide your search:

  • Rapport, rapport, rapport. You need to have a good sense of understanding and trust between you and the hypnotist. If you feel safe, relaxed and are enjoying yourself, changes are easier to achieve and it is a positive experience.

  • Look for someone who offers a free session. The old adage “try before you buy” can be a real help here. When we know what to expect, when and how, we a ready and focussed for a life change. Overall, be comfortable.

  • Be specific on your goal and be honest and open. The practitioner can only work with what you tell them and a clear direction allows the mind to zero in.

  • Amazing changes can be made, miracles cannot. I can’t make you fly or turn you into Elon Musk. You can be as confident as him and take a trip without being scared of flying!.

  • Check they are trained, insured and accredited. Seek out reviews from multiple sources.

If you need some help to choose, would like some advice or to see it in action….please get in touch. I will never treat anyone unless I am 90-95% sure I can help them and will happily refer elsewhere when appropriate.

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