“During the session I was aware of everything happening and I could interrupt, or interact with, the process anytime.


 I felt confident to walk out knowing I was no longer bothered about flying.


The test was actually on the day of flying.  I had no fear from going to bed the night before the flight, to waking up, checking in, taking off and landing".

Ben - a calm flyer

"I can't thank Paul enough for helping me with stress. I have found the sessions brilliant and being able to use techniques in day-to-day life has helped so much. It's the first time in years I feel like I can deal with things."

A Calmer Mum


I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul for the new lease of life he has given me. 


This year has been very challenging for us all and I'm sure if we are all honest, some of us have had some issues with addiction.


The stress of this year and lack of routine caused by lockdown had placed me in a bit of a dark corner with alcohol.  Drinking four nights through the week and binging on food. I had had enough and needed a change. This led me to Paul for help. Very much a sceptic in Pauls professional field before hand and how wrong I was. I’m over the moon that I gave it a go and its been by far my best purchase through networking. Through talking to my subconscious mind Paul has helped me kick a habit and get on with life before things got drastically out of control. 


I have never felt this free. So, thank you Paul. I would like to say to others don’t be scared to put up your hand for help. Especially when Paul is in your armoury. 


I will not hesitate to refer Paul to others.  

Charles, Kent

"I was a long term smoker for over 40 years. Paul treated me in July 2018 for smoking and I am pleased to advise that from that date I have been a non smoker.


I owe a great debt to Paul as his methods are a great and refreshing way to stop smoking for good. 


I would therefore urge anyone suffering with anxiety, phobias or addictions to seek the assistance of Paul without delay”.

Mark, Kent

"You took the time to listen to me, find out what was going on in my life and what was causing my anxiety. 


You then explained the treatment clearly, how it would work, and how we would get rid of my Insomnia.


I felt very relaxed and in safe hands. Now I can sleep and get on with my life!"

Graham, Kent

“I am so grateful to Paul as he has a calming effect with no judgement. Paul is empathetic and very supportive. Even outside of session hours, he's willing to help. In my eyes Paul is a genuine healer!

I’m relieved Paul was recommended to me – in just one month, my life changed dramatically.​”

Sonya, Kent


“How is this working and what are you doing to my head?! I’ve been able to watch the real snake in the zoo in Harry Potter, over and over again with no reaction. I don’t want to touch it, but I can now look at it.


A friend put this photo onto Facebook of a snake and I didn’t freak out!”


“I feel like a different person and I am a much better wife, mother and now positively back in control of my business.


Everyone needs a session with Paul, they just don’t know it yet!”

A Relaxed Client

"Paul is absolutely amazing! After just one session, he's helped me to overcome my phobias of water and heights. After just two sessions I can’t believe the changes!


Thank-you so much Paul."

A fear-free client

“Paul got me through my driving test! I’d had previous sessions with him, so with some calls and texts before the date and on the morning, his support and motivation got me through.  I'm so thankful to Paul and will always appreciate his help and support, it's so encouraging.”


“Some of the issues I needed help with have been with me for 40 years and now I am in total control of them thanks to Paul’s help and dedication. It feels like you have flicked a switch inside me and now I can control and change my thoughts as needed, depending on the situation I am in.”


“In the past I have cancelled going to gigs, or I have got there and had to leave the crowd because of my anxiety, but I recently got to see my favourite band at the 02, pushed our way through the crowds to the front and I was fine!  It was so cramped and we could barely move or breathe. Old Eloise would have been freaking out, crying and having a horrible time, but new Eloise had anxiety levels of zero and excitement levels of 100!”



“Before I met Paul, I was a total sceptic about changing your thoughts and behaviour. I had several issues I hadn’t been dealing with very well, a 10-year history of bad sleep with bad things waking me up, I’d start coughing then be sick every morning…but only on week days.
After one 90-minute session the sickness had stopped and I was sleeping through the night. He’s changed my life!”